Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pass n Payment orders

The FRO and FSO/DRO are delegated with the following powers for passing bills for making payment on account of work done or supplies made by the contractors/piece workers up to the following limits or any single bill. (Section 101 of A.P. Forest Department Code)
D.F.O.                      Above Rs.50000/-
F.R.O.                      Rs.50000/-
Dy. R.O./F.S.O.       Rs.25000/-
In respect of works upto Rs. 1.00 lakh, A.R. advances can be issued to FROs (through cheque) following the delegation prescribed in the APFD Code (section 108). In such cases, the FROs shall open an interest bearing S.B. account in any Nationalised Bank to which, such AR Advance shall be advanced. Payments for all the bills passed by the FSO/FRO for these works shall be made by the FRO by cheque. The FRO shall render accounts for advances received and payments made, to the DFO every month by the 5th of the succeeding month.
In respect of all the other works (value of which is more than Rs. 1.00 lak), payments should be made only by the Divisional Forest Officer. After execution of such works, after recording the details of works executed in ‘M’ Books and Check measurement, detailed Bills should be prepared by the DyRO/FSO/FRO and the same shall be passed duly following the delegation detailed above. All the bills that are passed by the FRO/DRO/FSO for payment, shall be sent along with the ‘M’ Book to the Divisional Forest Officer for effecting payment. If the Bills have been passed by DRO/FSO, the same shall be countersigned by the Forest Range Officer. All the Bills passed by the FRO and DRO/Forester shall be sent through the Sub-Divl. Forest Officer with his countersignature. They should then be countersigned by the Divl. Forest Officer after due scrutiny with reference to the sanctioned estimates, entries in the ‘M’ Books and details of check measurement.
Payment of bills:
All payments shall be made against bills in formats as prescribed in the A.P. Financial Code after recording the pass order as per particulars recorded in the ‘M’ Book. and after check measurement. The vouchers shall be super scribed as CAMPA works.
After the bills passed or countersigned by the Divisional Forest Officer, the payment should be made directly to the contractor/supplier through crossed cheque or through Electronic Clearance System duly deducting all the recoveries affected in the bill. After the bill is paid, the amount of recoveries so made shall be properly accounted. The ‘M’ Books shall then be returned to the Forest Range Officer and the passed and paid Bills shall be maintained in the Division Office and presented to the Audit as and when required. For all the payment made by the DFO, Cash Book should be maintained only in Division Office.

Only for works that are less than Rs. 1,00,000/- AR Advance may be issued to the Forest Range Officers and recoveries may be made by way of work done. For all such works Cash Books should be written by Forest Range Officer and Bills after paying may be sent along with Cash Accounts to the Divisional Forest Officer for incorporating in Division Cash Book after countersigning the Bills. All these Bills should also be retained in the Division Office and produced for Audit as and when required. The consolidated accounts of entire Division shall be compiled and finalized at Division office by 10th of every succeeding month.

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