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Maintenance of Vehicles

Rules for use and maintenance of Government Vehicles

     The rules governing the use of staff cars and other Government Vehicles are contained in G.O. Ms. No. 875 and 876, G.A. (Estt, B) Department, dated 28-5-1957 and the amendments issued to them. Instructions have also been issued from time to time with a view to facilitate proper control over the use of the official Vehicles. They have been carefully examined in the light of the similar rules issued by the Government of India. In supercession of the previous rules, the following consolidated rules are issued for regulating the use of Government owned vehicles. These rules apply to all passenger vehicles including staff cars, station wagons, jeeps, land rovers, pick-ups and utility vans and shall come into force with immediate effect.

         It is not intended that these general rules should apply at present where they are in conflict with relevant provisions in the special rules or orders issued or the staff cars under the control of the Board of Revenue, public works, police, planning Departments etc. The Departments of the Secretariat concerned are, however, requested to consider revising the special rules so as to bring them, where necessary, inconformity with the general rules below.

I. Control of Government Vehicles and responsibilities or Controlling Officer:-

1. The staff cars and other motor vehicles maintained by the General Administration Department will be under administrative control of the Deputy Secretary to Government incharge of Staff cars and those maintained by the Departments of the Secretariat and the Heads of Departments will be under the control of the Secretary to Government or the Head of the Department concerned, as the case may be. They will act as controlling officers in respect of the vehicles under their charge.

2. Subject to the orders of the Controlling Officer, the Assistant Secretary incharge of motor vehicles in the General Administration Department or the other departments of the Secretariat, the P.A. or Deputy to the Head of the Department or the Head of the Subordinate office will be responsible for the proper use, care and day-to-day maintenance of the vehicles and for regulating the journeys generally in accordance with these rules.

The following records shall be maintained for each vehicles 
i) A log book in Form “A”
ii)A register showing the repairs, replacements, etc, in 
   Form “B”
iii) A register showing the cost of petrol, oil, etc, in 
    Form “C”
iv) A register of inventory of equipment in Form “D”
v) Hire charges payments Register in Form “E”
vi) Receipt book in Form “F”

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